4 white walls, 3 lights, 1 mirror

RI2 3 min
RI 3 - 47 minutes still on pass 3/4 at 42% same laptop…

what is wrong?
want speed back of RI2

Send us the file and we will check what is wrong in your settings
The new engine is physical now, so it’s a little slower but not that much

wetransfer.com/downloads/ba … 818/4335bd

hope you’ll find the issue

otherwise i want a refund

Phoned already with your offices in Swiss and France for an login loop.
None could me help…

What a mess

First test, open the file, launch the rendering with no change 4mn40 !
On a old macbookpro, what is your computer ? :open_mouth:

Project: Timeless scene
Sketchup version: Sketchup 2016
Render Engine: Render IN 3
Rendering time: Variable
Size: 1.92 MB
Processor: I7
Memory: 10 GB
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, 1GB
Operating System: Win. 7

Hello :smiley:
1- I think the time depends on good way of equipment characteristics. To the extent we have an excellent setup, the results will be faster.
2- A lot depends on the materials and used parts, glass, mirror, reflection metals are elements that increase the cooked (time) in Artlantis, and Render IN
3- dream that Render IN 3, will have the same speed Render IN 1 is keep dreaming without waking


Abvent in my opinion, the new generation of products, seeks to have better results.
and one way to achieve this is by increasing the render time, with the new engine.
physical engine on continuous testing and adjustments for developers :sunglasses:

As always and that to me is incredible to have a small Artlantis in Sketchup
… I mean, Render IN, in Sketchup … amazing :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Perhaps in the future, not distant, we can find in Render IN, or Artlantis, what we dream :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :wink:

At the moment, the issue is not angry … is to adapt and enjoy this extraordinary engine, with its flaws and benefits

in my tests with the scene, we:

10 minutes, original scene

9 minutes
As always, using the Purge plugin, and CleanUp, save and then renders

Is slow? if it is … possibly my machine, materials, missing adjustments to the engine, and the relationship, Sketchup - Render IN :wink:
But little by little we will make progress, sure that if :wink:

Timeless, calmly, everything has its time
luck, a hug :wink:
pd: sorry for my English

Thanks guys for your posts; my machine iMac 2011 * core i7 * 3,4Ghz. Should be still fast/ again RI1 + 2 do the same file in less than 4 min. RI3 more than 1h30!