Ambient Occlusion


I often have scenes without any natural lighting.
Is it possible to only use the ambient occlusion, without any other light source?


Hi Joachim
Yes, this will be possible. When you render any Project, within RenderIN you need to select PSD as the render output type.
Within this PSD file, there will get various layers be rendered, such as Material etc… - one of these Layers will be
Ambient Occlusion. This PSD output feature is taken from ArtLantis and is such a useful feature for PostPro for example.
I never use any other file output type.
To get Ambient Occlusion, there must be activated Ambient Occlusion in RI´s Rendersettings before you start to render.
Afterwards you can also vary the AO-appearance somehow as you like it with ease, since it is optional on it´s separate layer…

Regards and I hope this helps