applying a decal

in artlantis 5 when i applied a decal i could see the decal in a 2d view with all the logo lettering so i could adjust the size but all i see in artlantis 6 is the bounding box of the decal but none of the logo lettering is it supposed to be like this or do i need to turn on a setting so i can see all of the logo letters



Sorry but I do not understand your problem, could you post a screenshot of what you had in V5 and what you get in V6.

I have had a similar experience where when applying a decal (texture), it came in so small all I could see was the bounding box. I used the bounding box to enlarge it, then I could see it.

Ok I understand, in version 6 & 6.5, it is not possible to see a texture in 2DView, you will only see the contour to be able to move, scale and rotate it.
This is a limitation of the new rendering engine, used since version 6.