ArchiCAD 21 Plug-in

Any information on when this will be available? As all my current projects are in AC21, I can’t use Artlantis 7 until the plug-in is available. Thanks.

OK, thinking that maybe I will just save my project back to ArchiCAD 20 and then export to Artlantis & from there, I download the plug-in labeled « ArchiCAD 20 to Artlantis 7 ». But when the file downloads, the file name is « ARCHICAD_20_to_ATL6.5-Win ».

I can already export from ArchiCAD 21 to 6.5. If I do that, then open in Artlantis 7, would that create any problems?


The file format did not change between 6.5 and 7.
Hence, you can use de ArchiCAD exporter to 6.5 and open the exported file in Artlantis 7.
There should be no problem.

ArchiCAD 21 export plugin is installed with ArchiCAD 21, you can use it to export to Artlantis 7.

Sorry for the delay…

Thank you.