Artalntis Batch Stuck

I have a problem with Artlantis Batch. When I write files to render, the program hangs on the first one and does nothing further.
When I do test renders in the .alt file, they take a short time, up to 45 minutes,
while the renders from .alta files uploaded to Artlantis Batch become stuck.
What could be the problem?

Hello Emilia,

Which version of Artlantis are you using ?
On which platform and which OS version ?

Best regards,

Hello Camille,
I am using Artlantis 2021,
Mac Stusio (2022), macOS Monterey

Hello Emilia,

Could you contact the support, they should be able to help you.
You should not have this issue, I have rendered files with the Batch on Monterey, we need more infos from your configuration, it will be easier to track this through the support: