Artlantis 2021.

Good afternoon!
Thanks for the new version of the program.
Checked by Artlantis 2021 (on Windows). I noticed that there was only one inconvenient color palette (regardless of pressing the right or left mouse button). There was such a problem in Artlantis 2020 (in Windows), but it was then fixed. In the new version, the convenient color palette has disappeared again.
Please return it!

P.S. The word Shaders in the top menu is not yet translated in Russian.

Thanks, for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience.
We will make a hot fix ASAP.
It will also contain the SketchUp 2021 import plugin.

Best regards,

Thank you!

P .S. There is still no translation here:

The help for the program was not found in Russian:

Still not working Media Store Abvent - an empty window opens:

Any word on compatibility with older versions of Artlantis?
Will older projects be able to load in 2021 version and vice versa?

Of course, the new version of Artlantis is always compatible with older version files.
But you will not be able to open new version file with older Artlantis version.

Best regards,


Could you try to access the Media Store with your navigator at and let us know if you see something.

Best regards,

Ok. Your link Artlantis Media Store opens!

I also noticed a slight inconvenience that appeared in Artlantis 2020, and it remained in Artlantis 2021.
If I delete some part of the geometry of a 3D object and then choose where to move the original (Camera target or in the center of X, Y and at the bottom or others), then when you press the Ok button, the object snapping target moves not the first time, but only from the second (you have to press the OK button twice or else the target does not move under the center of the 3D object). Everything worked well in Artlantis 2019 and older versions, the 3D object snapping target was set under its center the first time! Check it out please!

Good day!
:exclamation: There is a wish for the new functions of the Artlantis program: when saving a 3D object as an Artlantis object, do not save the HDRI map along with the 3D object used to preview the 3D object.
Those. so that only on the preview of the 3D object this map is applied, but does not increase the weight of the 3D model itself when saving.
Otherwise, HDRI-maps usually weigh a lot (several hundred MB).
Please make such a function so that we can turn off the HDRI-map and not include it in the model when saving a 3D object.
Then the 3D models will have beautiful previews and will not weigh several hundred MB. (it turns out there is another solution)
:exclamation: And there is still a lack of the function of changing the brightness, saturation and contrast of the textures and Shaders, which we apply to materials in the Artlantis program.
Now there are only functions for adding a mix of color (it is not enough to lighten textures), reflection, glitter and ambient.
Thank you!

New features are REALLY needed for Artlantis:

  • add a real 3D effect (bump) for textures and Shaders.
  • add the function of chaotic repetition (replication) of textures and Shaders (like UVW Randomizer).
  • automatic placement of the heliodon according to the actual placement of the sun on the HDRI sky map (so there are no double shadows).
  • make grass of different heights and thicknesses (as in life), add wildflowers to it, make different blades of grass in different colors (and not monotonously of the same color).
  • add additional settings for Shaders (metal masks, glow, etc.), add caustic for glass and water.
  • add more quality Shaders and materials, and add realism to existing ones.
  • return the chamfer (fillet) for the edges of 3D objects (and make sure that it does not minimized).
  • add the ability to change any color of the grass, its saturation, brightness.
  • the ability to change brightness, contrast, saturation for textures and Shaders.
  • add the moon and stars in the evening and night sky.
  • unlock the ability to change and resave Shaders without textures (glass, metal, plastic, water).
  • add the function of mirroring a copy of a 3D object (now you have to put a minus in coordinates).
  • change the program engine like competitors (Vray, Corona, etc.), Ray Tracing.
  • the ability to blur the shadow of a heliodon on a cloudy day (especially for drawing in a photo).
  • add a preview of 3D grass (you can use a small area).
  • more types of 3D files for import-export.
  • add a material selection list to automatically adjust its reflection and shine.
  • using a proxy to render a large number of high-poly objects (trees, grass).
  • make the correct fixed rotation of the 3D object when entering coordinates (now the 3D object rotates arbitrarily).
  • the ability to save a 3D object Atlantis from several 3D objects Artlantis (now this function is inactive).
  • for 3D objects, make a function of Boolean subtraction operations (for inserting built-in fireplaces, spots, niches, etc.).
  • add the ability to illuminate the scene from an HDRI map, and use a photo (JPG) in the background.
  • make all program and Shaders settings by default, giving the best results.
  • the ability to directly drag and drop 3D files skp, fbx, etc. into the Artlantis window.
  • make it possible to render through a specific wall (without removing it) for small rooms.
  • the ability to pause the visualization and continue the next time the program is turned on.
  • the ability to change the rendering settings during the rendering process (so that the changes are visible).
  • the ability to adjust the post-processing of the image after rendering, and not before.
  • Ability to disable ambient occlusion for some materials (parasitic shadows are created behind translucent materials).
  • to make it possible to select the diameter of the light source (now it is like a point and from that there are unnecessary shadows).
  • remove some unclaimed functions (lens flare, etc.).
  • add automatic default texture orientation (now it’s vertical).
  • add to post-processing visualization - sharpness.
  • make it possible to select and edit several materials at once in the list of materials (now I can select only one material at a time and edit it).
  • the ability to open several copies of Artlantis at the same time without crashing the program.
  • remove blurring of previews from re-saved Shaders.
  • we need an optimizer program to automatically reduce the number of polygons and reduce texture resolution on heavy 3D objects (atlo) and heavy Shaders (atls).
  • to make it possible to select the plane of the 3D object by clicking on it (to align crookedly rotated 3D objects).
  • sound signal at the end of rendering.
  • make the atmosphere with haze (dust) near the horizon (so that objects become lighter as they move to the horizon).

Follow the links below to see what new features Artlantis users are VERY awaiting for:

  1. … 0/?cft[0]=AZVZuWGF5ivk7XlTHgdMUjidk4LW8Qmu6xi22HW84FEIgQ4toFPjAABwp-L1aZYBNmUDLbYofmzY9-GhLGxroXtaqG-zyQloykCmjhXKltqb0OfikIQBHVpWhFi-AktrWvPddQOTUOGCN-q-1Hqd7tA-ErqgtTeRv9pQ91tnGkvCK9pomlxfmiOnwR1JXxkEaqw&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  2. … 0/?cft[0]=AZVHNRpwVZDdQh1toBGJp4U5vmK8CBYmNzKMIPkka__hZpRc957-03NigaYR6LyhPRHp6uDaib-FrSgmvHTwubiPf6i2CVyux0ie9RWLCmmsXIFCqtZHKLsNCzegYlJx6LYkAFKdkUogEZtDKLfzlTQMdOvBZLeF-Wp70qmvrZpUayOh0NjIf6OqCMXyiIWAI-E&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  3. … 0/?cft[0]=AZX4mx4RsM87kWhWVWWGWqMUIVa6jFq6w5mKFoiAlq74aDuepMKyN9u_gZNUwlPvrljbGJB05v9F-nqG2CNiQXCocYAGbvWFlb9PHHSjQRGyN4cJWAcrc908PU0oHj73dFRLLNRUk0JIAxzq1wA1MVPM1d8fcvksB19obt0wmC0VfzcAO_Ej2BMCEWIlBml6Zas&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  4. … 0/?cft[0]=AZXyknE1NAOlcirKCJQ72LVw41VdFuEg_RILME0fz2wtVtXCc7Wh0Td-DnnmxcqZGtggHDsI6JAVXJdG64YItQNj8cFjF5bWLfVAi1RxZj4Vs5xE2SMwmlRu5XvmTCdfbXPegbF8efxSCMleqxIeB6pseh_T3uqEONyj7uWk8U_Mx2XVFHq0OOx07pG6aMRsFFs&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  5. … 0/?cft[0]=AZXJrYRi_tBJohzK0O0vGNdILcBmIVlp_vC1hYRmQ-6uhRQLAl-9PPe_UEBtLK8hT5WSHffCwmgpQbHm_6quPHU3DK4dyHP1OkZ0UL1xL1JhIRk0Qy77jMX0H-nrs5oNwPZrr8AGp_RD_gF5IHVORvDVhyd1wVN7AAPVRlcpZnPmsATg7nV2Oqpsu_vwxr7k1oc&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  6. … 0/?cft[0]=AZUcAm3s1SaM6gT2MZ1sjzM27hSMus91hFgMOPUcd7mj36A1CweCiJ-4tTQ1IkuW1gme-Ds1kaPQ-vF07SPG7nObFrn6gHRerFjicS77Ej4iryOGBT2GfKsRhBw3seuDYJsSOyHBZSnZY9mArMcpJloLijMKAdhZYXvVZFU2Sx9NK2EzqM3_qST7Ws2DsSKlKIg&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  7. … 0/?cft[0]=AZXce22_yBdaGpfQxfUcRqg68OQ4aLxxmvKyRl201x8CfkupTPbGBkPd9YqWxeBDtJswKxVtCfiHcLj09VyCFuzVSyw-n_W9qqwHo0O9A7Y5CIwz52Y7ESbPpjVDiIJZvvlN0EeUNTLJ8ilwclfH4IaXMi-gmzHTK4M-NyxGdfd69_xGgJohD0dWPB6PaD3x5r4&tn=%2CO%2CP-R
  8. … 0/?cft[0]=AZVgKyuScQAjzabPkjVvt43k5NJxTEkli9kOrCTfkkYYjGOKwIVqJtxjvtvxYvcwfJrjuCP0Jb62JfqjoOUUUI3uE9ybxbqLDil94XrvglR-fyn_GEYmLdVUzr4PtL3YSxhKeLYCcgPZ7sdZyREkVOkmvj6-K2NALkm80qHzjSB9jhUxyTusZTIK5lBbLy8Ilx4&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

P.S. Now the developers add unnecessary functions (lens flare, sunbeam, LUT intensity, edge, paint effects - all this is in the best performance in other programs), and on the contrary, they remove the necessary functions (fog near the horizon (haze in the atmosphere), clouds hide the sun ( blurred shadows and diffused lighting), chamfers (fillets) of the edges of 3D objects, 3D texture relief).
In this way, as now, the program will be in very low market demand.

Please pass on this list to Artlantis developers!

Probably the worst update I’ve seen! So many things you could’ve improved…

I guess you took a very long time picking the most useless ones. I doubt anyone in the world had those as top priorities.

How about making a survey on the forum and ask what customers really need?

Can’t wait for the 2022 release. I’m sure you’ll be introducing groundbreaking features like tiktok backgrounds, and an innovative purple grass.

We fixed the issue, can you please restart Artlantis and try to access the Media Store again.


You can save as Object with a pre-rendered preview.
For this, you need to render the object with the HDRI and save the render under the name preview_XXXXX.jpg, where XXXXX is the Object file name, in the folder where you will save the object.
Then remove the HDRI and save the object.

For example, if you want to create an object named MyObject in folder MyMediaLibrary, then render a preview named preview_MyObject.jpg in the folder MyMediaLibrary, then save as object with the name MyObject in the folder MyMediaLibrary, you will get 2 files MyObject.atlo and MyObject.jpg

Hope I’m clear.
Best regards,

Thanks! Everything works now!

Thank you, Camille!
It worked out for me! :wink:

Great !

I have placed new NECESSARY functions for Artlantis as they are in demand (based on the results of user voting) - [url]Artlantis 2021. - #10 par digipi]
I hope the developers will not disregard this!)

Hello Digipi,

We have saved your wishes in our TODO list !

Best regards

Thank you!
:arrow_right: Wish Artlantis to be the best software on the market!

Bonjour Camille,

Est-ce qu’une partie de la liste de souhait sera dans une prochaine mise à jour ou vous pensez le faire sur Artlantis 2022 ?

Merci d’avance,

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Hello Camille,

Will some of the wishlist be in a future update or are you planning to do so on Artlantis 2022?

Thank you in advance,