Artlantis not running after graphics card change

Hello everyone,
I am using Artlantis on my Windows 10 computer and it was working fine !
Today I have upgraded my graphics card from a NVIDIA Quadro P2000 to a NVIDIA GeGorce RTX 4070 and since then it is impossible to start Artlantis…
Reading some forum subjects, I made sure to install last drivers, to edit parameters on NVIDIA graphics settings but no progress.

I am stuck here.

By the way I am using Artlantis 6 to read some old files, and that version still works with the new graphics card…

Does anyone have an idea to help me ?


Hello cpimz,

You are using Artlantis 2019 and we do not support it anymore.

But I’m pretty sure we have fixed this issue in Artlantis 2021, I would suggest to download Artlantis 2021 from our website and test it in demo mode to check that it is effectively fixed on your machine.

If it is fixed then you can upgrade your licence to 2021.

Best regards,

Hello @CamilleSarrut ,

Thanks for answering me. I am a little bit confuse because in this case I am loosing my license of Artlantis 2019… and I will have to buy the new one for 2021 right ?

After testing with Artlantis 2021 trial version, you will upgrade your licence from 2019 to 2021.
Once upgraded you will not be able to activate your 2019 licence on another machine, but you can keep it on your current machine which might not be useful as it does not work anymore…