Artlantis files

Hi! Why do the Artlantis files get duplicated when saving the .atl file from Archicad to Artlantis?
Bathroom 1.atl (my file)
Bathroom 1_1.atl (artlatis file)
Bathroom 1_2.atl (artlantis file) and so on every time I save my original file.

If I export from ArchiCAD multiple times it always export to the same name and asks if I want to overwrite.
Do you save in Artlantis or export from ArchiCAD to get the different file names ?
Did you activate the auto-save feature ?

Hi Camile,
I do export from ArchiCAD multiple times and I always overwrite the original file.
The extra files (1_1, 1_2, 1_3) just seem to appear automatically, I have never had this issue before.
I would have sent a picture of how it looks, but can not attach it in this box.
Yes, I do have the auto save feature on.

Hi Emilia,

According to what you tell me, the files you get come from the autosave feature.
You can turn it off or not but those files are there in case you have a problem with Artlantis and want to rescue your file.
In the preferences panel, you can set the delay, the number of version and the path for the auto-save feature.

Best regards,

Yep - that was the case! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Welcome !
Have a good day.