Artlantis Plugins Error

Hello Artlantis Forum,

Every time i try to export FROM Artlantis 6.5 TO Sketch up, I get a Message « Artlantis Plugins Error ». My Artlantis is up to date and I have restarted my computer.

Can anyone help I need an skp model file for a VR model.

Many thanks in advance,



Do you have the problem with all your Artlantis file, or is it just with this one ?
Could you attach the log file to this post, there might be some informations about the issue .
If it is just this one it might come from the export of some of the external objects contained in the file, you could try to export without the objects.
You want to open the SKP file in SketchUp or another software ?
If it is another software did you try the other format: obj or dwf ?

Best regards,