Artlantis Studio 6.5 - app crash on Ventura MacOS

I am using Artlantis 6.5 and after software update to Ventura I have problem to run this app.

Here is log:
Exception Type: EXC_CRASH (SIGABRT)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000

Termination Reason: Namespace DYLD, Code 1 Library missing
Library not loaded: /System/Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/PubSub
Referenced from: /Users/USER/Desktop/*/Artlantis Studio
Reason: tried: ‹ /System/Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/PubSub › (no such file), ‹ /System/Volumes/Preboot/Cryptexes/OS/System/Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/PubSub › (no such file), ‹ /System/Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/PubSub › (no such file, not in dyld cache), ‹ /Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/PubSub › (no such file)
(terminated at launch; ignore backtrace)

I’m absolutly sure, that I have installed Artlantis Media.

Do Artlantis 6.5 works with Ventura? anyone have the same problem or know solution?


Hello and Welcome to Artlantis Forum.

Artlantis 6.5 is not compatible with Ventura.
The last version of macOS officially compatible with 6.5 is Mac OS X Sierra (10.12)

Artlantis 2021 is compatible with Ventura.

Best regards,

Thank you for your reply.
Can I upgrade Artlantis directly from version 6.5 to 2021? or Artlatlantis 7 is compatible either?

I see upgrade offer on your webstore for 295 euro. Can I use this to upgrade from version 6.5?

Artlantis 7 is not compatible with Ventura either.
Artlantis 2021 is the only version compatible with Ventura.
I suppose you can use the upgrade on our web store, it says it is 295€ from older version.

Best regards,