Artlantis Update

Very good night to all
if you allow me an opinion, with all my respect to the administration and developers of Artlantis

Obviously there must be compelling reasons, but I do not understand why Artlantis has stopped and does not advance in new updates

I would like to indicate that Artlantis is a very complete, versatile program with extraordinary results… and like any other engine it has its details (which we must improve)… but it also has great virtues; which we must not forget

I see with concern the fact that in recent times (recent) we have not advanced, it seems that we have stagnated, there is no movement… a very sad silence

I can understand that there are currently extraordinary rendering engines that give incredible results… but we must not forget that Artlantis is a Pioneer in this world of 3d visualization

Is that understood?..Pioneer…it’s not a test that started yesterday,
It is a solid, reliable, versatile tool that many would like to achieve, with a simple, friendly and very easy to use interface.

With Artlantis you can achieve, transform, edit anything

Why are we going to stop now?

what do we need? maybe give a little more force to bump, normal, displacement and try to minimize rendering times

what other detail? In my opinion, nothing gentlemen… everything else we already have

If I’m not wrong, I have a license and use Artlantis since version 2.1, I’m not a super renderer, but I do know the benefits of our queen Artlantis

Let’s all try to make an effort and move on, « Cheer up », Artlantis and all of us deserve it

I am at your disposal for any detail,

Arch. Pedro Rojas
Beta tester Render [IN]
a hug and excuse my english

Hello Pedro Rojas,

Welcome back !
Thank you for your nice comments on Artlantis.
We have not stopped Artlantis, we are currently working on a new version, unfortunately I cannot tell you when it will be available, but we hope you will like it.
We will get in contact with you if you are interested in beta-testing it.

Best regards,


Are there any spectacular changes coming in the next update? And when can we expect it, please?

I’m interested in beta-testing it.
Greetings, Filip Deslee (LOFT4C)

Hello Philip Deslee,

Thank you for your interest and also for all the wonderfull images you post on the Artlantis Facebook page !
We hope Artlantis next release will please you but as I said to Pedro, we do not have a beta release date yet.
But we will of course let you know ASAP when we have a beta version to test.

Best regards,

I hope the upgrade will be successful and I will not have to learn new software or convert libraries that have been collected for a long time. I have been with you since version 3

Good day. Can I join the beta test version?

Thank you for your interest.
When we have a beta version, we will let you know.

Best regards,