Artlantis with integrated graphis

Dear all,
I would appreciate advice regarding GPU for Artlantis. As its written in minimal requirements and also reseller in my country has confirmed to me - I should have dedicated GPU to run Artlantis.
I am about to buy a new computer - laptop. For my work in Archicad is totally sufficient to use integrated GPU. If its Radeon RX Vega 7 or Intel Iris Xe, which outperforms some of the lower-end dedicated GPUs (which I would probably buy in case I strictly need dedicated GPU). They are also cheaper and I believe they also do not produce so much heat. And for render in Artlantis I would use CPU, so I do not really need GPU with great performance…


  • is that really so, that I need dedicated GPU for Artlantis
  • do you think this is going to change anytime soon?

Thanks in advance


Artlantis is not using the GPU, only CPU !
So the important thing is to have fast CPU with as much RAM as possible, 16Go is fine, 32 is even better.

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Thank you Camille,
well that would be a good news.

I am aware Artlantis is a CPU render. Do you have any idea what does it mean « Graphic chipsets are not supported » what is written in a minimal requirements for Artlantis? Also, as i wrote already, my local Artlantis reseller (and in my eyes a person who should know something about it) told me, that it means i need a dedicated GPU…maybe you can imagine it is a bit confusing. I did not find more information on this topic.
Also - please apologise if i am rude - what is your qualification for your statement?

It means we do not support the motherboard graphics chipset, it might work but it will be slower then a dedicated graphic card.
In Artlantis we use the GPU for openGL display in the Preview Window and the 2D Window.

No problem, I am one of the Artlantis developers, I’m specialised in User Interface design.
And I am also in charge of answering on the Artlantis Forum.

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OK, so you say I do not need dedicated GPU (so I can have integrated GPU?), but also motherboard graphics chipsets are not supported and just might work, but would be slower than dedicated GPU. I do not want to take much more of your ime, but for me its still confusing, I do not see where integrated GPU is now (I guess « motherboard graphics chipset » doesnt equal to « integrated GPU ») . So I would just ask one question: Will Artlantis run just fine with one of the latest CPUs with integrated graphics (Iris Xe, Vega 7,10)?

Thank you

motherboard graphics chipset is the same as integrated GPU.
Artlantis can work with the integrated GPU, but the preview, when displayed in openGL, and the 2D View might be slower then using a dedicated GPU. But you do not need a very powerful graphic card, just one with at least 2Go RAM.

One of our developers has tested with the Iris Xe and it works, we have not tested the other CPUs you mention.
I would suggest you to test with the integrated GPU you have and if it is too slow, add a dedicated Graphic card with 4Go RAM.

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OK, thank you for these information Camille.
Good luck with your work.