Artlantis won't close, batch renderer not fully working

Lately my ATL2021 will not close when pressing the close or quit button. I have to manually force Artlantis to quit. Also, batch renderer will not continue with the next render.
I found that the latest NVidia drivers give this problem, as soon as I reverted back to older drivers, the problems disappears and Artlantis fuctions without any problems.

Anyone who has this problem, going back to older NVidia drivers does the trick.

Hello Sven,

Thank you for sharing this workaround, we have had a number of users with this kind of problem and we thought it was mostly coming from the last Windows 10 September update, maybe it is an incompatibility between Windows 10 and Nvidia driver updates…

unfortunalty, this workaround only worked till I made a restart of windows. The problem returned after this.
I tried to uninstall serveral windows 10 updates, but it makes no difference.
Even updating all the possible drivers still didn’t resolve this problem.
I believe there is indeed an incompatiblity between Windows 10 an Nvidia…

Hello Sven,

Too bad…
Are you sure you do not have automatic update when you restart your machine ?
Did you try turning off the Automatic update after installing the previous version of Windows 10 and Nvidia driver ?