ATL Bilboards


It is possible to use the old Bilboards in Artlantis 6.5? I haven´t they appear cutted. Someone can solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can use Billboard in Artlantis V6.5
Which Billboard are you using ?
Could you attach one of the BB you are having problem with.
Please attach the atlo and jpg file

Thanks Camille, sorry for the delay…Attached the ATL file, a render and the BB folder.

Thanks again

Sandro P

As you can see, the 3D model (woman) and the white BB that come with the program are good, but the BB people appears cutted! that do not happen with previous releases…


I have seen this problem before, the geometry in the BB file is wrong, the 2 triangles used to define the rectangle on which the texture is applied are defined at the same position.
In this picture I have drawn the 2 triangles (1 red, 1 yellow) at the position they should be, in the BB file, they are both defined at the position and orientation of the yellow triangle, hence the texture problem…
I don’t understand why they worked with previous version though…
Where did you get them from ?
It is possible to fix this issue using « Artlantis Implode Explode » application and a text editor.

If you want to do it, I can explain the steps to follow.
Let me know.