Atlantis crashes when trying to create animation

I am using a 16 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 processor. . .

When I try to create an animation using Artlantis (version 2020) it immediately crashes. This would be an animation of a small residential development (20 homes) I have designed in ArchiCAD.

Do I need to take this Artlantis File to an outside rendering service because it is too large a file? I have used Artlantis Render Farm in the past. . .or perhaps purchase a Mac Studio desktop computer to handle an animation of this size. . .?

thanks for any advice

Hi bradschoch,

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Did Artlantis crash when creating the animation or when rendering the animation ?
Could you open a ticket through our support page
and attach the logs folder zipped to the ticket, you can find the folder using Artlantis Menu « Help/show logs »

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