Bath 01

Hi all :smiley:
My new testing with Render IN, v3.0.2
With this work soon share my new report 02

I hope you like :wink:

Nice one Pedro,

No comment on the images, but could you inform how long it rendered?

-EDIT- sorry i just look at it second times, it seems the bathroom is too low, don’t you think? ot the girl model too high?


hello Vidy :smiley:

I see well the proportions of the scene, I think it’s the bathroom ceiling which is under the left; who design dimensions

the scene is not mine to someone in a forum shared do not remember. :confused:

… Apology that detail, outstanding performance of Render IN, overlook that aspect. :blush:

Another aspect I am observing is a ring of white light in the vegetation, next to the sanitary pieces, I think it’s editing error in PS.

the render time was 4 hours and 17 minutes, model 180 mb

But this experience helped me to detect various aspects of the new update and put together a new report, soon I will share. :sunglasses:

Regards and thanks for commenting :wink: