can get the VR object to work

hi all,
I need help
I did a VR project and when I run the HTML I get a blank screen.
the flash player is installed and I try to run chrome and explorer and Mozilla all the same.
very urgent helpppp

I have ver 6.5
if I try on 4.5 it is ok as a *.mov file



You need to change the Flash preferences.

Please follow those steps:

  • right click in the dark-grey square:
  • choose « Global settings… » menu item
  • choose the « Advanced » tab:
  • click the « Trusted locations settings… » button
  • add the folder containing your VRObject folder to the list:
  • close the list
  • close the « Flash » preferences window
  • reload the page
    You should be able to visualize your VRObject !
    You need to do the same for Panorama
    You can add a folder in which you will save all your panoramas and VRObject, this way you won’t need to change the settings every time.

I have done the screenshots in Safari on Mac OS X 10.10

Cheers !

I am having the same results. However the proposed fix isn’t working for me. When I choose « Global settings » I do not get a screen with an « Advanced » option. Other suggestions?

This is strange, did you install the latest FlashPlayer ?