Cannot export to DWF,OBJ or SKP

Are these supposed to work, I am trying to export a project and none of these do anything, it just goes back to the document without saving anything.


Yes these exports are supposed to work, I tested the SKP the morning and it worked.
The only thing that is not supported yet is to export a file that has 3D grass…
Could you please check if there is 3D grass in your scene.

Hi there,

No I have not applied any grass. Although it does have custom JPGs used as textures.

IN all cases it does nto even try and save it, I do not get errors or anything. I click save and it simply returns to the main screen without saving.

Running 6.5 on windows.

How can I make this work (Sorry not willing to give you more money for what should be working in 6)

I thought you were running Artlantis 2019, hence my question about 3D Grass.

On which version of Windows are you running Artlantis 6.5 ?
I just tested the export of the 3 formats on Windows 7 with a file containing objects and it worked.

But I found out that the export of a file containing a 3D Plant does not work in SKP and OBJ, it works in DWF.
Do you have 3D plants in your scene ?
If you do can you try to remove them and try to export again.

No, in general the only things I use from artlantis other than textures are lights.

I am running latest windows 10 may update

OK, it is strange.
Could you send me one of your files (in Archive format (atla) zipped) by WeTransfer at, I can try to export on my machine and see if I can reproduce.

Hi, I was wondering if you were able to solve this issue.
I’m having the same problem and gaven’t ever been able to export anything to skp or obj on any version I had used with windows. It simply doesn’t do anything nor gives and error message or similar. Or does it only export scenes without any objects?