Custom Billboards

I am working on a project where we created several custom billboards to replicate the proposed landscaping around the site. Unfortunately there are several of these billboards in the file and every time that I open the file I must select them all and click « Use Independent Materials ». Once that has loaded I have to select « Reset to Catalog Materials » to get them to reference the correct file and show correctly. This usually takes at least an hour to load and often longer (and then I have to do it all again if Artlantis crashes as it frequently does). Is there any way to lock these and have them show up automatically when I open the file? I tried talking to Artlantis directly about this issue about a year ago and was told that the program wasn’t set up to make custom billboards, and yet they allow you to do so??


This bug has been fixed and we will provide correct BB creation in the next release.
Unfortunately I cannot give you a precise date for this release, but it should be around the end of Q2 2018

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In version you can create a billboard using save as object and choose Billboard type in the popup menu.