Cylindrical or spheric objects

Hei! Help please! Every cylindrical or spheric object in my Artlantis 6 project is faceted and has treangled holes in it, even if I set smoothness to maximum. I tried in Artlantis 4 also, but it happens the same thing. Do you have an idea what does it happen? Thank you!

pr 17.jpg
pr 13.jpg


Where are the objects chairs coming from ?
Could you attach one of them to this post (jpg + atlo) or attach the zipped atla of your file.

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Hi! Thank you for your answer and sorry for my late answer! I use ArchiCAD 21 for modelling and this chair was downloaded as gsm modell. I attach it here. But as I mentioned, all of the curved surfaces will be faceted in the rendering, not only this chair, you can see them in the jpgs attached in my previous comment. In Artlantis 4 this problem isnt happen. Can`t attach that format by the way.


This is strange.
Could you send me the chair via mail or WeTransfer at

If I understand it is a gsm, you instantiated in ArchiCAD and exported in atl ?
can you send me the gsm or the ArchiCAD file.


Ok, I send it to you in mail, but as I mentioned not only this object is faulty but every curved surface. See the wooden chair as well with cilindrical legs. In fact it is something wrong with some flat surfaces as well…if you check the image posted by me, there is a laptop on the desk which has strange triangles on its surface some should be completly flat.


One more thing…if I render it as ArchiCAD 18 and Artlantis 4 they will be completely perfect.