DALLE DAMIER texture problem

HI Camille! it’s me - again!
Please, explain why every time I set up a texture on my dalle damier it dissapears when I overwrite the alt. file (by that I mean when I overwrite my alt. file by export from Archicad).
When I open the alt. file the dalle damier is again black-white and I have to apply the texture again…

To keep the shaders applied in Artlantis you have to export from ArchiCAD to a new file then use the reference file with the shaders in Artlantis.

We had a live on this feature you can watch it in French there Abvent Live
There is also a tutorial in English, using SketchUp, but it can be used the same way with ArchiCAD : Exporting a project from SketchUp 2020 to Artlantis - YouTube

Camille, I always use the reference file, and all of the shaders are correct except the shader on dalle damier. I have to redo it very time I open the file.

ok. I will try to reproduce .

I reproduced your issue, when using a reference file in ArchiCAD.
If you use a reference file in Artlantis then the shader is not lost on the dalle object.
I would recommend using the reference file in Artlantis until we fix the issue.

Best regards,

Thank you, using ref file in Artlantis works!

OK, thanks for letting me know.
Have a nice day.