Dark images when I render with another computer

I just finished a project. I noticed that certain images are rendered darker by my computer and brighter when rendered by the artlantis render farm. Anyone who would know how this happened?
Greetings Simon

Hello Simon,

When you say « artlantis render farm » is it the Render Manager + Clients or the online farm https://www.artlantisrenderfarm.com. ?

If it is « Render Manager + Clients » it is strange but it might be because the file and view settings is not read with the same code than Artlantis, so there might be a bug…
Did you try to Render with Batch Render ? If you did, did you get the same image then Artlantis or the same as RM+Clients ?

Best regards,

Hi Camille,

I do mean the online artlantis render farm.
If I render the image directly in Artlantis they are also good I just noticed. So I suppose if I render the images with Batch render it will be fine too.
When I render with render manager they are a lot darker.

I should mention that my computer (iMac) still runs on version Mojave 10.14.6. This is because I still occasionally have to adjust old projects with Artlantis 6.5, and the version 6.5 does not work on the most recent version of macOS.
Could it possibly be there?

I don’t know which software they use at « Artlantis Render Farm », Artlantis, Batch Render or RM+clients.
But I think they use Artlantis or Batch Render.
So the problem is with Render Manager if I’m correct.
I will try to find out why and let you know.

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I just made some tests and the lighting is the same in Artlantis, Batch Render and RenderManager.
Could you please send me the file with which you have had this issue. in Archive format (atla)