Designing lamps

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like design lamps that served us Rener IN 1, now discovered lla treatment composition, parameters that can help in Render IN 3

Apparently after several days of testing, such as that esoy finding the way.

time always against us :confused: :cry:

This time a central mixed lamp, for ilumnar space in general and a mixed edge lamp to illuminate specific details.

the composition of both:

  • A point of light (fixed) greater than that emulates the lamp, lit

… This he change into another model with light emitting material
be advisable, to have the parameter, « Environment », Artlantis, would lower energy expenditure.

  • A point of light (removable) bottom where we can vary the angle and intencidad

When ready I share, that we test and we can improve :wink:

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Definitely, according to the evidence, on, the lamp and its overall result works best with an emissive material
and the lower plane if it continues with a point of light varieble, depending on the angle necessary

but the central lamp gives us an unexpected result

It burns a little light and a shadow is generated in the perimeter, apparently not a pure and clean result

In this sense I happened to create, with emissive rectacgular plane (It can be square, circular, according to the shape of space), transparent, editable
… Located about 2 cm approx. separate roof

the result in my opinion is friendly, the whole scene is illuminated
…and apparently does not conflict with the new lamp design

An interesting detail is that this resource can graduate (edit) the intensity lighting space

and we can also edit it with the intensity of the material

Okay! now let the final test, assemble everything in a scene
…Hopefully everything goes well :unamused: :wink:
See you soon