Dissappearing media catalog window

Hi. I normally work with 2 screen, but had to switch to one. I noticed that when I try do detach the media catalog window it disappears. I must click F6 to get it back attached to the bottom. Do I do something wrong?. Everything works fine with 2 screen setup. Using one screen I’d rather have the window on left or right side than at the bottom.
Regards, Marcin

Hello Marcin,

Welcome to Artlantis Forum.
Did you use to move the catalog to the second screen ?

If you did, then Artlantis saved this configuration in its preferences, Artlantis does not know you removed the second screen, so you need to remove this setting from the preferences.
First, you need to Quit Artlantis then remove the setting from the preferences.
On Windows use RegEdit to remove Dockings preferences of the Artlantis version you are using.
For exemple on my Windows machine I should remove this preference for Artlantis 2021
Ordinateur\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Abvent\Artlantis 2021\Dockings
Then start Artlantis and click on the detach Catalog button it should stay on the main screen.

I don’t think we have this issue on macOS, let me know.

Thank you, It looks like I’ll have to remember to put all windows on main screen before switching to single monitor setup.

Yes, it is a good idea !