My first try-outs with Renderin, I’m still going through an experience.
I hope you guys like it.
Any ideas or comments, let me know.

des photos

WOW :open_mouth: This is a great interior render indeed and YES, I like it !!!
In addition to the model´s quality itself, I like this dramatic light, shining deep into your room.

A request
Because only praising pictures does not bring us all forward. Could you please ad some additional details to your work?
For example how did you make this great lighting setup? Is it lit by daylight only?
Or: How did you make the background - within Render[In] or by postpro later?
And btw, which city is this ? :smiley:

Best, Regi

Hi, thanks for the positive comments.

I only used daylighting from Renderin to create this lighting and shining, and by using Photoshop I added a photo I found on the internet to the background (only for the lowest window, Renderin helped me out with the window upstairs).

Ps: the photo I’ve used is a panoramic view from an apartment in Chicago.

Hi and thanks for your infos
A great result and most efficiently done as well :wink: I am happy about your good « starter »-result