First use of render[in]. Some basic tests..


For years i have worked with artlantis now and i just bought render[in] couple days ago…
Really amazing what u can do with it :slight_smile: and i want to thank team abvent for this.

i wanted to share some test renders i made.

kindly regards
Hamza Gok

Hi and thanks for sharing these examples!
As you say it, so my first impression was exactly the same.
Most, I was pleased how easy you can make a proper lighting within Render[IN].
And I really appreciate, that Render[IN]´s PSD output has the same qualities as we know it from Artlantis…

Your bedroom scene is wonderful - and the both concept renders as well!
Did you use any ambient occlusion here?

thankyou for your kind msg :slight_smile: . i appreciate it. the model is not modeled by me if i have to be honest.

for the bedroom i didnt use amb occl at all, im sure it would be better if i would used it. also most materials i didnt materialized it was more for me like how the engine would work with light and so.

for the geometry house i did use the amb occ on 10/10 cuz the model was all white, most details where lost when i didnt use the amb occ.

Hi, Polygon :smiley: :smiley:
Welcome to the forum render IN

Good start, « extraordinary », now continuing with your learning
… We expect to see your progress :wink:

Thanks for sharing :sunglasses: