HDR Environment

Hi All, Hi Render[IN]-Team

It would be a big step forward for future RI-versions, if there would be the opportunity to work with HDR Environments.
This HDR Environment could be implemented, for example in the background settings - both: with the options visible and invisible.

The reason for this wish is, to bring shiny or glossy materials to live. Shinyness or Glossyness can only be generated if there is something that gets reflected. For this purpose the native phsical sky RI-environment is not sufficient. For RI renders everything that shall be mirrored must be made somehow within sketchup which is a big effort. To use any hdr instead, would facilitate our work immensely. And if you also could arrange that a used HDR can be rotated, such reflections can be controlled as well.

a mirroring car color, the reflections of a steel facade, a window, which reflects the trees of a garden etc etc…

And of course, any HDR also could be the active environment as well.

To give you an impression, I did a small simulation below.

Kind Regards, Regi

PS: so a next step would be HDR Lighting :smiley:

Thanks Regi,
I note it in the wishlist

Hi Regi, :smiley: :smiley:
I love your concern and that special present your ideas … with images way. :wink:

I am continually reviewing your proposals and in my opinion, most are valid.
It is noteworthy that’m sure the developers are attentive to your comments.

and are very valid, because they are parameters that exist and / or can be achieved in Artlantis 6 … which makes it viable that can be implemented in Render IN … now the question is how to study how Sketchup can understand these variables .

… Search the relationship between the two programs to make wishes come true

Very grateful for your contributions really are very useful :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
… Do not forget to propose new ideas … we hope all of you to continue with your creativity :wink:

A hug

Hi Render[IN]-Team

Just wanted to ask if anything moves in this question?
:wink: Maybe a first smaller step might be a rotatable HDR background, which gets reflected by the model then, for better looking exteriors, cars etc…?
If this HDR background could be rendered on it´s own separate layer in Photoshop to get replaced by another custom background then, later in PS …

  • that’d be wonderful :question: :slight_smile: