Home office

Here’s a render I’m working on, please give me your comments, advice, suggestions…

hebergeur d image

Hi and sorry for this late answer
This is a most beautiful room, which is obviously modeled very acurately as well!
The lighting and the material suggestions appear more like native SketchUp look to me somehow but
less like a rendered image. Everything is a bit too clean and too perfect for me - why gets nothing reflected in the glass pane for example?
Or, For example, the wood floor could have some shinyness or at least glossiness - the same might fit to the wood surface of the cabinets maybe?
I would separate the floor meterials from the office against a new and own balcony floor meterial (of course just if this is a balcony?) with another flooring material and a « complete » window frame at the ground line.
Also to reduce the strength of sunlight but adding any additional artificial lightinging could be most useful here.
A last suggestion: add any but not too much detailing that brings « life » to the scene - so you can lean a bag at the desk or cover a coat over the chair, as if you’ve just come into your office, hastily stuffed your things somewhere to activate a coffee machine first before you start to work… :slight_smile:

These are only suggestions because you have asked for it :stuck_out_tongue: