How do i do Transparent Tree object

does anyone know how to properly make a tree object semi transparent? just like what we normally do in photoshop. i know that there is a transparency slider for tree object but most of the default tree from the local library are not responding. they simply dont work. :question:

I tried to edit the object by going to the shader inspector of that object and when i change the transparency for the shader or the texture associated with it the model simply turn opaque white but not transparent. is it just me or anyone else experiencing similar difficulty.

after so many tries I kind of found a not so good solution which is by going into the shader inspector of the tree. then re apply the default Glass shader to the trunk and foliages, then click on the texture below them and change the transparency, this way the tree finally start to be transparent as i slide along the bar. however the results are still undesirable. it makes the tree trunk and foliage de saturated as you slide along down the bar which is not what we want.

we are trying to achieve a semi transparent object so that you are able to see through it to reveal the building behind but at the same time retain its original colors and texture.

if any one knows any trick Please send through your email address then ican send you the artlantis file so you have a better understanding…



Which version of Artlantis are you using ?

In version 7, the Object inspector transparency slider works, you should be able to transparent tree.

Unfortunately, we have a known issue in Version 2019, the transparency slider in the Object Inspector has no effect and we cannot fix it for this version.

But, it is fixed in Artlantis 2020.

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thanks for reply, yes i do have 2019 version. so i was right it doesn’t work. and since we have bought the license does it give us access to 2020 version when it comes out. does it automatically get upgraded to 2020 version? I stress as this transparent tree feature means a lot to our office. we’d like to put these tress in the render in artlantis to reduce the post production time in photoshop. and we like the shadows that trees cast. please help me with this


Hello Paul,

Buying 2019 version gives you access to 2020, but I do not know at which price, you will have to check with your reseller.

You can obtain a transparent 3D Tree by setting the tree material to fully transparent (white), no refraction (Air 1), no reflection (black), no shininess (0).

You also need to set the textures to the transparency you want and the reflection, shininess and bump to 0

As workaround, you can also use Tree Billboards, you can find some on the www or create them yourself with Artlantis.

Hope this helps.

Hi Camille

thanks for your hints. I did exactly as you told. for each shader that is associated with the tree I have changed the transparency to (white), reflection (black), shininess to 0, refraction to air and keep the original difuss. and for each texture associated with the shaders I made sure reflection/shiniess/bump is at 0. kept ‹ use alpha channel › and the color unticked. then i only changed the transparency above to around 200. and this is what i got as attached. the tree trunk turned white. it is starting to show transparency which is good but the white let it down. for the leaves i had to ease the transparency of that shader to about grey otherwise I wont see the leaves. it will just be a white trunk and branch…


Nice !
Thanks for your feedback.