How do I receive my Serial No?

Hi, I decided to update to render[in]3 and bought the update. I got ask for my old serial no, which I provided and downloaded and installed render[in].

Today I started to render, and found out I never received the new serial number. I get the huge red render[in] bar on my pictures.

What do I need to do?


Hello Surround :smiley:
Sorry, I’m not understanding your question very well
… Maybe by the translator :confused:

You decided to upgrade to Render IN 3, you bought the program
… And you have not sent the serial activation.
That’s the idea?

It is assumed that after buying, you should go in to your mail, receipt of purchase and must be included serial activation.

At least it is so in the case of Render IN 1 and 2, will not know how to Render IN 3, because my activation is direct from Abvent.

But in your case, I think it is a traditional way, you check your mail ?, searches (Spam)

Now I ask you this running Render IN 3? v3.0.3, you have serial activation in the window?

I’ll be aware :wink:

Yes you got it right. I bought the upgrade on the abvent web page, but never received an email with the serial number.

OK ok! :wink:
Reviewing the new official website I found this
In principle we are right

Now if Render IN, is not working and do not have the serial activation, it is best that you head to the Support Center, Render IN

Sorry, I ask again, you Render IN 3 work? :wink:
If you purchased the upgrade Render IN 2 for 3, it is very likely that the activation is done with the serial Render IN 2
… I’m not sure, but it is a possibility

Please keep me informed, is to know of this situation and to guide users correctly


I found my serial number!!!

I logged in at the abvent store, opened by order history, printed my receipt, and the serial number was on there. Took a while to figure it out, since it is not in english.

I’m glad you solved :wink:

Si tu décide de mettre à jour ton application, il faudra voir si l’appareil supporte la mise à jour ou non. Sinon, tu risques un bug tout le temps.