How do you turn off Sketchup Sun and Shadows, Render[in]3?

Hey folks,
Wondering if anyone knows how to turn off Sketchup’s native sun & shadows in Render[in]3 so that you can light scenes with Render[in] lights only?

Render[in] 2 had a ‹ button › in the environment drop down window that allowed you to do that. I don’t see anything similar in the Render[in]3 environment drop down.
Has that function moved to a different place in the UI, or is the process for turning off Sketchup sun & shadows different?
Any advice would be helpful.


Just put the time to before sunrise or after sunset in SketchUp

Thanks for the info.
Is setting the sun/time to after sunset or before sunrise the ‹ official › way to turn off Sketchup sun/shadows in Render[in]3, or is that a workaround?
Seems like a convoluted way to do that seeing as Render[in]2 had a ‹ switch › that did that.

It would be nice if a moderator or Abvent rep would chime in on this.

To dość skomplikowane, ale myślę, że nadszedł czas wcześniej.