Import object

Hi, I would like to know how to import object witt all its schaders so that they are placed correctly . I have Artlantis 6.
Thank you for any help



You have attached images, are they part of an Artlantis Object ?
Where did you get them from ?
Do you have the atlo file ?

Hello, I figured out.
Thank you


I am trying to import the .3ds object, which is downloaded from

Its not importing.
I tried it by saving as .obj, .skp file from sketchup 2017. Still it is not importing.

I am using Artlantis

What could be issue. Please help me out.

Thank you

Roopa A


Could you please contact the support ( , it is difficult to tell what could be the problem, we need more infos.

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I am trying to import this file shown below. Its is just coming out.
Please check the file.

THe file is not attaching.

It is showing invalid file format.

Can you send it to me via WeTransfer

I don;t have Wetransfer

Sent the file