Ivisit 360, how to share 360" photos

Does anyone creates panorama anymore?
How do you open the created panoramas? (I just install ivisit360 downloaded long time ago for windows, and can also open from ivisit360 downloaded in play store in my mobile phone. But now these are unavailable, you can’t download them neither for windows nor from play store)
After we create .pno file or html files, what can we do with them, how can we convert these formats in a popular way that others can see and use too?

Elian Sulaj

Hello Elian,

Thank you for your message and Welcome to the Artlantis Forum.

Unfortunately we are not updating iVisit360 anymore and the Flash Players have been removed from all Internet Browsers. The WebGL was still working last year but now due to Security mesures it is not possible to play them locally either…

What you can do is upload the Panorama to Twinlinker and build the Virtual Visit in Twinlinker then share it from Twinlinker.

To do this you need to check the « Upload to Twinlinker » checkbox in the rendering parameters.
We are working on a new version of Twinlinker that will allow you to upload the Panoramas, Images, Animations directly from the Finder/Explorer.
This checkbox is available since version 2019.

If you need more infos, do not hesitate to ask !

Are there any other plans in twinlinker besides free trial? Problem with free one is that there is only one publication allowed at a time. And - uploading is only possible during render, so if it doesn’t upload for some reason - it has to be rendered again, right?


Yes we are working on a new version of Twinlinker where you will be able to upload the renders after they are done, not only through the rendering process.
There will also be multiple publications available for a certain fee, I do not know how much yet.
This version should be available Q2 2022.

Hello again,
Maybe i forgot to say that I want to solve this problem in Render[IN] machine.
Thank you for your reply.

Hello again,

Effectively, I did not realise it was Render[in] and not Artlantis !
Unfortunately, there is no upload to Twinlinker option in Render[in], but in the next version of Twinlinker, you will be able to upload, using a web browser, the renderings done with Render[in].