Kitchen render[in] v3.0.6

Hii All,

i wanted to share my latest work with skp&render[in].
feel free to give feedback.

thx :smiley:

WOW !!! For me this is definitely a render for the Render[IN] Gallery !
Everything: the lighting, the materials, the scenes setup with the right amount of deco details, the camera view…

If you would have increased the degree of detailing at the window a little, so you could see the glass pane frame within the window frame, I wouldn´t be sure if I see a photo here :smiley:

The lighting - Is it only daylight shining through the window on the left?

Hay Regi,

Thx for the nice feedback, i’ll give more detail to the window asap, indeed it would be much more realistic then now. :smiley: tx.

lightning is daylight + lightplane(emitter) infront of the windows (kitchen nd living room) + in the end a little bit PS curves correction.
i did the same test with vray, as much as possible i can with the time i had… in the end i like the render[in] render more…i think… both softwares as its positive things i see :slight_smile:.

After im done with the work i can ask the client if it can be showed @ the standard gallery of render[in]

adittional info abt the render:
high quality(standard templ)
ambocc 10/10
iso 25 - shutter 60

asus g74sx
16gbddr3 - i7 2630qm
gtx560 3gb

render time:74mints

Hi Polygon
First, thank you for your detailed information above!

I apologize that I am so bold (?) to imitate your great scene. But, as I have already noted, your lighting result is so good that I want to learn to improve my own lighting skills as well. And just to get a comparable scenario, I decided to use your scene, which I imitated with SU PhotoMatch, filled with some scenes components from the 3D Warehouse. So sorry once again!!

For my test, I used generally the settings, which you’ve described above.
Interesting is the difference between the scene which uses daylight only and the scene which uses an additional light-emitter, as you have recommended.

Overall, I reached a satisfactory result but it is still far behind your lighting quality - would you please do me the favor to describe your method a bit more precisely, maybe with a scene-screenshot, how you used the emitter planes? - Of course only if you want or can…

Thanks & Regards, Regi

PS: also I used Vray already (in addition to some other renderers) - with this tool, just like with some other tools - the effort to reach any good result in a reasonable time was too big for me. To use Render[IN] was the result of a long search and comparison. With Render[IN], particularly for interiors, the effort to get a good result is the smallest and the fastest for me so far…

One more question :confused:
Does it make any difference to regulate lighting with ISO or Shutter ?? I have no idea

Hi Regi,

No its cool. No probl at all. At this moment im with vacation nd didnt brought my notebook with me. Whn im back i promise to look at ur model(maybe u cn send it by wetransfer) so i can see the settings on the model nd send it back to u so u cn see the difference between ur model nd mine.

Question about the iso md shuttersp. I think both use light in a different way, when i used artlantis i always tryd to keep the balance between those 2… Its more the feeling i get when i see the result in the preview instead of using standard settings.

At the living room i have also 3 large windows from 0till 3mx1m.

I contact i asap.

Take care byy

:sunglasses: no need to hurry at all - thanks and enjoy your vacation :sunglasses: