Latest MacBooks Pro with M1Pro/Max chips

Hi any hints about latest MacBooks Pro with M1Pro and M1Max chips?

I’m about to get a new Mac but would like to know if there are any advantage of the M1 chips for rendering in Artlantis?

which cores would be more important 8 - 10CPUs or 8 - 32GPUs?

Are there any plans to adapt that power in near updates of Artlantis?


Hello Daria,

Artlantis is working on M1 computers, but is not optimised for them yet.

Artlantis is rendering only on CPU, it is using the GPU only for openGL display in Preview and 2DView.

We have not planned to update Artlantis with an optimised version for M1 in the near futur.


Hi Darpi78,

Annoyingly Artlantis is very behind supporting the M1 chips, having experienced how slow Artlantis renders using a 5k Mac studio M1 ultra, you may as well buy 2 intel chip PC’s for the same price and network render to gain a better render speed. If your sole purpose is to render in Artlantis, don’t bother with an M1 its not worth the speed reduction compared to cheeper intel chips.

Artlantis does need to up their game, as other rendering software can both support M1 and GPU rendering. e.g unreal engine (Which is free and can render to 4k). :wink: