Light Emitter Greyed Out For Image as a Surface Texture


I do a lot of SketchUp designs that include large LED/Plasma Displays, large LED Walls and Projection Surfaces. I am trying to find a way to make these surfaces that use an image file as a texture « pop-out » more in a render, rather then directing a light source onto the image surface. With RenderIN you cannot apply a light emitter to a image file used as a surface texture. I have experimented with adding a transparent surface directly in front of the image and applying the light emitter to that transparent surface. However I am getting white particle patterns appearing in the render which makes the image look non realistic.

Anyone have any thoughts on this.

I have attached one image of the SketchUp detail and one of the render.


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I will review the technique we implemented with Render IN 2 … for these cases
… Emitter plane placed in the front area of the component.

May adjust the intensity of the emitter, balance in the color and possibly in the design review, the emitter plane required.

… In the case of Render IN 3
I check, I test I give answer.


Pd: small test if a light is observed white noise, I’ll review

Hi All - is there any working solution yet? Whenever I place an emitter plane in front of the desktop picture, everything becomes grainy - somehow not sharp …