Pls what’s the solution to light issues in Artlantis studio 6.5 Animation? After an interior animation scene was rendered the light keeps flickering…
This also happens to HDI images light in external scene which also keeps flickering.
Here’s the link of the video…

The link

No response from abvent…

Hallo, I’ve the same problem…
After 60 hours of calculation for 10" of animation the file is unacceptable.
The light and the shadows flashing.
This is a very big problem.

what kind of lighting are you using ?
what are the rendering parameters ?
could you attach the zipped atla you used to render the movie ?


I have rendered an animation looking like yours and I do not have lighting issue.
Do you still have the problem with version ?
Are you using the Render Manager with multiple clients or Rendering from Artlantis ?