Hello to the Artlantis community,

I ask your help / opinion to decide me in a purchase of MBP 2018 to improve my performance on Artlantis (each handling takes 10 minutes …). I work on very heavy files (more than 2 GB), and I will also want to perform video rendering.

Despite my demands at Apple and other professionals, none can give me a concrete answer.

My current configuration:
i7 2,9 GHz bicoeur (3.6 GHz boost)
16GB DDR3 1600 MHz
Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB

The basic configuration I want (and proposed by Apple):
32 GB DDR4 2400 MHz
Raedaon Pro 560x 4GB
256 GB SSD (does the reduced storage capacity have an impact on rendering power ? - knowing that I only use about 100 GB)

Where I can not decide is the choice of the processor:
i7 hexacoeur 2.2 GHz 8 ° G. (4.1 GHz boost)
i7 hexacoeur 2.6 Ghz 8 ° G. (Boost 4.3 GHz)
i9 hexacoeur 2.9 Ghz 8 ° G. (Boost 4.8 GHz)

According to the various tests, the i7 2.2 and i7 2.6 have similar performance. Nevertheless, the i9 appears like a real gain of power, but for which software?
It does not interest me to have an overpowering and useless machine for Artlantis (as well as investing in an i9), but I can not say if it’s really worth it to invest in the i9? And even the i7 2.6? For the use of Artlantlis.

I am a little lost, I hope to be read and enjoy your expert advice!

Thank you all!
Good night !


All these processors have 6 coeurs, so the difference is the frequency.
With higher frequency you will get a faster rendering, but from 2.6GHz to 2.9GHz, you can hope for a max 10% speed increase.

Corresponding to 5 minutes for a 1 hour rendering…

Hope we have answered your question.
Best regards,