My living room

I wanted to paint a wall at home, so I did a quick SU model and rendered it with Renderin[in].
results look good so i started painting:)
Later i added some more detail and try to make it realistic.
To bad i could not get the light color correct due to Render[in] not supporting sunlight brightness and softshadows.
Any tips, trick and/or advice is welcome:)


Hi Tolec - however, this is a great render nevertheless!
I would also like to have your desired settings for sunlight.

The testing shown below could be something like a workaround for a « studio setting »?
I played something and replaced the sun by artificial lightsources. In the first try I used a pointlight and in the second try I used an Emitter Material.
The pointlight gives similar results as sunlight although you can play with the light intensity and light color at least - not bad so!
The emitter material In addition offers the possibility to simulate shadow softness by varying the geometry size of the emitter surface - not bad
as well I think.
All that of course is also depending on the distance of the used light sources to the scene to be illuminated…

What do you think about it?

PS: The added Zip file contains the 2 test models in skp2015 format (152 KB)

Wow thanks for taking your time Regi:)
I will try it out and post the results.

:smiley: I am looking forward to your results - do not forget to adjust the shadow-sun settings to DARK NIGHT before :sunglasses:

If added your light options and did a speed render.
I like how the shadow gets blurry with test 2 but it’s so bright you can’t see the floor like in test 1.
A combination of both would be awesome:)
But ill stick to the sunlight and hope Render[in] wil get a update soon:)
But thanks again for your repaly and thinking outside the box