My shader won't apply?

Hello everybody,

I’ve drawn a bathroom in Sketchup pro 2018 that I’d like to render via Artlantis. Normally I would use a sketchup I’ve attached in SketchUp en render it like this, I never had any trouble with it. Now I have a texture in the shower that works on only two walls. I tried to copy the texture to the walls that are just white (but has the same texture). In my shaders menu on the left I can see that the wall contains the shader, but nothing happens?!

Can you guys help me out? :frowning:


I don’t work with SketchUp, so I’m not sure if this will apply, but when bringing in a model from ArchiCAD, I have noticed that if a surface has a shader that was imported from ArchiCAD, an Artlantis shader won’t show unless I first delete the ArchiCAD shader. Both shaders show on the menu to the left, but only the ArchiCAD shader shows in the 3d view. Hope that helps.


Did kgriffith answer helped resolving your problem or do you still have the same issue ?