Neon Light Shader V6.5

Neon light shader … why are you so absurdly grainy?


Hello Thiago,

Sorry for the delay.

What lighting, appart from the neon, are you using ?

HDRI, Sun ?

Which rendering parameters did you use for this image ?

Could you attach the atla of the file you used to render this image.

In you render, I think most of the grain can be removed by increasing the global illumination interpolation value to 5.

I tried to build a scene looking like yours.
I have a night heliodon, one suspended lamp and a lamp object with one face set with neon shader.
I used the « Low light » « medium » pre-defined rendering setting with AA 3x3 to get this image:

In your image, it seems your camera is outside in day time.
did you check the « enhanced background » ?
what is the lumen value of your neon shader ?

The problem continues…


Could you attach a zipped atla, I will try to check what is wrong.

I think you need to increase the interpolation to 5 and you do not need the AA set to 4x4, 3x3 is enough.

In fact, you should try using the « Low light »+"medium"or « high » parameter pre-set, it should look better !

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