Neon noise

I have a room with a lit surface all the way around the room, like a lightbox. I seem to be getting noise what ever setting i put in to this. To be honest i always try and use neon for display plinths to light products, but it just does not work and adds noise to the render. Is there a way to fix this, i have turned all the render settings right up and tried every setting in between, it just does not work. I have also tried the iso and shutter speed, also no luck. From a light tube, to a kit kicker to a light fitting i always get noise using Neon, now can i resolve this please? What is the material meant to be used for, if it’s no how i am using it?



I would need to see the neon setting to answer your question.
Also as you are using the neon shader on a number of geometries, you need to define a material for each geometry to reduce the noise.
Do you have other light sources in the scene ?

If you can, please send me your file as zipped atla with WeTransfer at
I will have a look at all the settings.

Best regards,
Camille Sarrut

Thank you, i will send this across. You are right i have not used a different material for each geometry. I do have other lights in the scene, but they are very minimal, to try and get the full effect of the neon. Im also using artlantis 7 have there been any advancements with this material in newer versions?

Regards, Brendon

Yes we have improved the neon in version 2019 and 2020, it might help with your file.