New living room

New living room by Suzanne Smits - VMV cad-adviseurs - Render[in] reseller

wow !!! this render is just perfect and clearly worth being posted in the gallery :astonished:
perfect detailing even - not too much and not too little…

could you pleas tell us/me something about the « making of » - for example which lightsetup did you use
and how is your garden scene in the back done. Also the render time would interest me and to be clear:
every minute is worth this result :smiley: :wink:
A little bit less shinyness for the parquet maybe which is a bit picky :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

regards & congratulation

Thank you for your compliments.
I use Google translate, so perhaps the text is not quite right about it.

The picture is now in the gallery

The light is pure outside and the institutions I have done the following:

The full render time was 52 minutes with the above settings.

The garden I myself drawn to his own design and I separately rendered earlier once:

The shining on the parquet is a choice and I found very beautiful. Bit similar to what I myself home.
Incidentally, I have at home a dark color floor and an apartment :slight_smile:
This design is complete fantasy

Greetings Suzanne

Thanks Suzanne for these informations - I am stil impressed how good and how simple interior renders
work with RenderIn !

52 minutes is not too much for such a big resolution with high custom quality settings.
As you used custom quality settings here, do you know, what all these custom settings mean or cause?

  • I haver no idea :blush: :wink:

(PS: Ps: also I use Google Translate always :wink: )

Ow that makes it easy for me and yes I know that I believe is what the institutions

Greetings Suzanne … tools.html

…under construction…

Thanks for your support - very appreciated :slight_smile:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Thanks for sharing Suzanne.
Very good job, I really like it :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

These render you made with the new version? V3.0.7
Could you tell us the characteristics of the machine you used?

A hug :wink:

Yes it is made with the latest version.

I have a MacBook Pro, working with Windows 10.
16 GB RAM, 2GB video.
A very fine machine with this combination.