New Security Gatehouse Building

Here are some views of my latest project.


Very nice! I particularly like backlighting in the first image, which is not only dramatic in itself, but nicely highlights the building design.

Question: how did you do the pavers?

Thanks KG.

For the pavers I used a standard paving shader with bump map. Then I overlaid a « patchy » texture over that and played with
the bump, transparency and shininess/reflection sliders. I am not 100% happy with the result yet.
I achieved better results in a earlier render (see attached) where I used a slightly different method with tarmac instead of pavers.
If I remember correctly I created a tarmac shader incorporating a reflection map that allows for certain areas to be more reflective
than others.


Again, very nice!

How do you get the reflection map to not be repetitive? It is very realistic and convincing.

Also, are you using HDRI backgrounds? Or did you model the buildings that are being reflected in the façade?


Hi Karl,

I have attached the reflection map I’ve used. It has an alpha channel that must be activated.
I also set its transparency to almost half with reflection and shininess to max.

If you make the map large enough you won’t pick up the repetition.

The reflections are models but I used HDRI for lighting and background.


Thanks, Jaco. I will give it a try.