Nvidia graphics card problems

Newcomer to Artlantis Render 7, unfortunately first use was a little challenging due to the ‹ black boxes › known issue. A little dig found the solution which was to roll back the Nvidia driver to September 2017 or before. As the install is on a laptop with Nvidia GeForce 940M which isn’t that old I was surprised this issue was still ongoing, and not something I can easily fix by replacing with a different card.

Anyone know how to press Abvent to resolve the Nvidia compatibility issue as it lets an otherwise great product down? was hoping the latest update would fix it, but nope seems not. :question:

Abvent says the problem is with NVidia.

I really doubt this is an NVidia problem, and this is the only thing holding me back upgrading my licenses to ATL 7.
Please Abvent, look in to this!


It seems there is a new driver for the GeForce 940M that fixes the issue as stated by one of our clients:

Re: Problem When Rendering Using an NVIDIA GeForce 940M Video Card
jeu. 30 août 2018 23:05
Great news, just tested the latest driver… so far so good!

Automatically updating from device manager only installed one from June so I needed to manually download the latest one from the Nvidia GeForce website. ‹ GeForce Game Ready Driver - WHQL › (Version 399.07, released 27th August 2018).

Once installed device manager lists it as follows:

Driver Date: 21/08/2018
Driver Version:

So you might give it a try !

The problem was already there with ARTLANTIS 6.5, now the same with ART 7 :frowning:
Many users of CAD- or Renderprograms are using NVidea Cards, so it should be Abvents Job to develop Artlantis not to have the problems with those cards.
Especially when the problem was known under the previous version of Artlantis.

Hello CAD Atelier,

As stated in the previous post, it is not an Artlantis bug, but an Nvidia driver bug !

There are new drivers available that fixes this issue, so please update manually to these driver if you have this issue on your machine.

Best regards,