Old car render

schuur 4Kv2.jpg

… once again a most beautifully scene, work and render - Prima!!! :smiley:
(and due to your great vegetation - it would be great if RenderIn could handle
Sketchup Skatter files)
Would it be ok for you to post a SkUp model impression too?

Thanks for your compliments
Do you mean this picture :wink:?
Please mail for more info and SKP file if you want

Thanks Suzanne - yes ! :wink: really the entire scene and render are PRIMA :smiley:
must have been a hard piece of work to « plant » all these various vegetations within SkUp? How did you proceed here?
(I think you people in the Netherlands are much much further in the planting-future than we are here in Germany :wink: :wink: just kidding !!)