PC Configuration


I wan’t to buy or build a new PC and would like to know if Abvent or someone on the forum have recommendation for the configuration beside the recommended configuration for ‹ fast › render times. (keeping in mind rendertime depends on the model and quality)

Besides that a couple of questions and specs of my current PC.

  1. The GPU is still only used for the preview window, would more than 2 GB GPU speed up the preview window or is this the maximum amount Artlantis can use?

  2. Would a faster clock time improve the rendertimes with the right setup? (for example Intel I7 4core with 3,4 MHz clockspeed compared to Intel I7 3,7 4 core MHz.)

  3. Would 32 GB RAM compared to 16 GB RAM make a difference or is there a maximum amount Artlantis can use?

  4. My current PC specs.

Intel Core I7-4770 3400 GHz
16 GB memory
NVIDIA GeForce 760 4GB GDDR 5 (2x SLI, does Artlantis support SLI?)
The motherboard name is not listed.

Allot probably still depends on the PC setup itself but if Abvent or someone has usefull tips or has experience with a brand new pc I’d be very happy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


I lost my previous answer! I’ll start again.

1- VRAM could help in every software you use. More you have better it will be. At work, few scenes requires more than 2 GB under Artlantis.
2- pointless between these 2 CPU. If your only wish is to reduce render time, you need more cores. i7 extreme or Xeon.
But, if you take a Xeon, all your monothread app / work will be slower…
3- 64 GB if you can. At work, we already reach 32 GB limits…

At work we have:
Xeon 2687W v3 / 32 GB / 256 GB SSD / Quadro K2200
Xeon E5-1650 v3 / 32 GB / 256 GB SSD / Quadro K2200
Xeon® X5355 / 10 GB
Core i7-4790 @ 3.6 GHz / 32 GB / SSD / GTX 760
Core i5-4670K @ 3,4 GHz / 8 GB / SSD
Core i7-2600K @ 3.40 GHz / 16 GB / SSD

For testing: Core i7-7700 / 16 GB / SSD

Here a link from a Sketchup topic on CPU:

Interestingly I have has some experience recently between i7 and zeon

I got a t7500 with twin 3.3 hex core zeons and 48 gigs of ram. As detailed above it was really good for Artlantis, the programme really flew. But other apps such as Adobe inDesign, Illustrator etc performed terribly compared to my X99 set up with hex core i7 and 32 gigs.

I suspect that for adobe the faster ram etc has more to play. Certainly on bench marks the zeons perform poorly in single threads at around half the i7. But boy did it work just fine for artlantis.

On balance though I am back to using the X99 set up.

next upgrade:

64 GB for Xeon’s
32 GB to all others for network rendering

new pc:

AMD 1920X 3.5 Ghz / 64 GB / 512 GB SSD M2 / 2 To / GTX 1060 : secure.ldlc-pro.com/b-fb6ab129ac2cd42c.html
i9-7900X 3.3 Ghz / 64 GB / 512 GB SSD M2 / 2 To / GTX 1060 : secure.ldlc-pro.com/b-4a2a3ef6019b9f7d.html

I really want to test AMD again and the lastest i9.
I do not want the max number of core because of Adobe Apps. These App do not use multi cpu. Not often.
These pc will only be part of render farm for Adobe / Web users.

I used this benchmark:
hardware.fr/articles/965-2/p … tives.html