Post-Processing filter freezing Artlantis

Whenever I try to render a interior image, the last filter never finishes and after hours and hours waiting I need to force to close Artlantis
Does anyone have any guess about what could be happen?

Also, the image still has some grainning. I’m using the Enhanced Background and Portals, but no HDRI, just Heliodon and rendering in Low Lights mode.

Can’t figure out how to get rid of those light dots.

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This is strange, did you set some Post-Process, if you did, which ones ?
The grain may come from Neon shader or a Portal not correctly set.
Did you use Exposure or ISO/Shutter setting ?
Which Artlantis version are you using on which platform and OS version ?
If you want, you can send me your file saved as Archive (atla), so that I will get all the medias included in the file, through WeTransfer to, I will check what might be wrong in the settings.

Best regards,

I figured out that was taking too long but not freezed.
After disable the portals, the grainning is gone and the last filter got much faster.