Quadro P1000 4Gb or better a GEFORCE 960 GT

I’m about to buy a new PC x Artlantis:

Intel Core i7-8700 CPU 6core 12M

video card?
Better a Quadro P1000 4Gb or better a GEFORCE 960 GTX 4 Gb?

Thanks for the answers

From this report made x Archicad,

helpcenter.graphisoft.com/techn … chicad-21/

the GEFORCE 960GTX comes out better, especially with large projects with 10 million polygons. But I do not know how you could behave with Artlantis. From what I understand, the video card is for modeling the project.
My doubt is more about compatibility with the program.
I would not really make a mistake buying.
There is no one who has experience with these video cards?

For rendering the graphics card in Artlantis is irrelevant. Artlantis render engine is 100% CPU based and does not use the GPU.

The graphics card is only used to power the graphical interface, a better graphics card will give a better user experience. Any card that has at least 2GB of memory and supports OpenGL is enough. Don’t waste a lot of money on the graphics card, you would do better in spending the money in additional RAM or a faster CPU.