Random Repeat

How do I create textures with random repetition ? Is there an option to activate it or is it only available on shaders from the store?

This is terrible support from Abvent. Forum almost has no topics and still no reply more than one week later.

I think this is a good question. As far as I know, a user can’t create such shaders, but I am no expert. I assume the lack of response confirms this.

Artlantis does have some non-repeating shaders, such as grass. It would be good to know whether or not a user can modify or create non-repeating shaders (or random repeat) and if so, how.

Hello kgriffith,

You are right it is not possible to create random shaders within Artlantis.
The only random shaders are the ones we created, and we do not provide a way to create them, sorry…

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